Fashion and gender neutrality

Clothing hasn’t always been as gendered and binary as it is today; in different eras and cultures the gender roles have played a much smaller role in fashion, and the norms have changed or even reversed, as it’s the case for long gowns or skirts that largely disappeared from men’s wardrobes. Gender neutral clothing has […]

Upcycling, an Ethical Solution

For us at Kurinji, the environment is important. That is why we put upcycling at the basis of our products.   In 1994 a German mechanical engineer, Reiner Pilz, coined the two opposite terms downcycling and upcycling. By the former he defined simple recycling, the reuse of a material to create a lower quality product: […]

Quality & Style while Respecting Nature

The origin of silk is shrouded in legend. Its production is traced back to China in the third millennium B.C., but there is evidence of its appearance as early as a few millennia earlier. From the beginning it was a luxury good, intended for royal families and high dignitaries. From China, production began to spread […]