Our Values

Kurinji, a shrub native to the Western ghats mountains of southern India, unfurls its resplendent purple-blue blossoms only once every 12 years, turning the landscape into a sea of ethereal beauty.

This natural wonder has had a tremendous impact on the local tradition and literature but is now facing a challenge – the relentless expansion of human activity. It has been pushed to the brink of endangerment, as the fragility of its 12-year flowering cycle makes it particularly susceptible to habitat disruption and climate change.

The Kurinji flower reminds us of the three pillars of our commitment:
the connection to ancient tradition and culture, the importance of striking a balance between human expansion and ecological preservation, and the cyclical renewal of nature, with its promise of hope and regeneration. 

Our Mission

Our brand marries Italian elegance with Indian craftsmanship, creating unique designs that combine the best of both worlds.
Hand embroidery, handmade fabrics and other timeless crafts are applied to western silhouettes with unprecedented results.
Thanks to our mixed Italian and Indian team we can have a direct connection to the artisans  and ensure not only fair wages and working conditions, but the preservation of their cultural heritage and crafting techniques. Every piece is born unique, carrying with it the fingerprints of the craftspeople who poured their expertise and passion into its creation.

Our Journey

The manufacturing sector promotes overconsumption and relies on unsustainable materials and processes, treating environmental impact as an external cost that society – and often the less privileged – must bear.

As a fashion brand, we are in the position to make choices that reflect upstream to our entire supply chain, and to promote a positive change in the entire system.

For this reason we set out on a journey of self-improvement. Our goal: minimizing our negative environmental footprint and maximizing the compensation effort and social benefit, resulting in a net positive impact on the world.

Current commitments

We promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, fostering local artisans in india for decent work for all.

Current commitments

We address between-country inequalities by encouraging development assistance and foreign direct investment to the regions with the greatest need.

Current commitments

We actively work to find the most sustainable and innovative materials available. Whether it is recycled, vegan, compostable or free of chemicals, every little step matters to preserve the health of our planet.

Current commitments

We promote and strengthen collaboration with "green" organizations and associations.

Current commitments

We work to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests. Our suppliers are also actively involved in the reforestation effort.

We selected plastic-free fabrics and accessories, including hemp  buttons and cotton sewing thread whenever possible.

We regularly use upcycled waste and deadstock fabric and we’ve sourced sustainable and recyclable solutions for our packaging.

We keep our supply chain short and check the working conditions of all artisans who work on our garments. We started collaborating with NGOs and companies that can help us mitigate our impact, such as the Keystone Foundation.

These are the very first steps in our journey. With your help, we can extend our efforts and increase our funding

Join the Kurinji movement

By choosing our products, you’re not just buying something durable and low impact, you’re also contributing to a more sustainable future.

Here’s how your purchase makes a difference:

  1. Supporting Conservation: A portion of your purchase goes directly towards conserving precious ecosystems like the Kurinji’s habitat. Help us protect biodiversity and preserve nature’s wonders.

  2. Empowering Communities: We work hand-in-hand with local communities to promote sustainable livelihoods. Your support helps empower these communities and maintain their culture and traditions.
    For more information see our Artisan Community page.

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