Who is not familiar with Vogue, the famous American magazine that offers the whole world fashion and lifestyle?
It was born back in 1892 as a weekly version, to report news about New York’s elite and describe high society behavior and etiquette. It was not yet focused on fashion, but also had book and music reviews inside. It was the new owner Condé Montrose Nast, founder of the large Condé Nast Publications group, who implemented the turnaround in 1909, making Vogue a women’s fashion magazine that was a model of style and behavior. Not surprisingly, Nast was also the editor of Vanity Fair and other successful magazines: he transformed the magazine not only in content but also graphically, creating a new typography that met his demands for elegance and quality of images. In a short time he was able to significantly increase subscriptions to the magazine, thanks to the magazine’s refined layout and the quality of the photographs.

The magazine also maintained its innovative spirit in later times: it was among the first to introduce color photos on the cover in 1932 and the first to feature an African-American model on the cover in 1974.
Trend-setting is another of Vogue’s vocations: from the threadbare models of the 1960s to the Hollywood actresses chosen instead of the industry’s professionals, the magazine has always set itself as a benchmark for international style and high fashion.

Kurinji has recently been featured in four consecutive issues of Vogue magazine starting from September 2022. Since Vogue is known for being one of the most influential fashion magazines in the world, we have been able to highlight our commitments and increase awareness of our sustainable initiatives and values, including our efforts to revive traditional arts and crafts by showcasing the traditional techniques and materials used in some of our best pieces.

The photo spreads were beautifully shot in Italy and showcased some of our embroidered designs in a variety of different settings, giving readers a taste of our aesthetic and style.

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